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 Nymphadora Andromeda Tonks

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Nymphadora Tonks
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Nymphadora Tonks

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PostSubject: Nymphadora Andromeda Tonks   Tue Nov 25, 2008 4:40 pm

Nickname: Tonks, Dora, Nymphy
Current Age: 24
Born: October 20th 1973 London
Parents: Andromeda Black and Theodore 'Ted' Tonks.
Other relations:

Aunts: Narcissa Black (malfoy), Bellatric Black (lestrange).
Uncles: Lucius Malfoy, Rodolphus lestrange.
Cousins: Sirius Black, Regulus Black and Draco malfoy.
(later husband: Remus John Lupin)
(Later Son: Teddy Remus Lupin)
Blood Status: Halfblood.

Years Attended Hogwarts 1984 to 1991

Tonks was sorted into Hufflepuff and infamous for her bad behaviour. Tonks wondered why she never made Head girl and her head of house, Proffesor Sprout, informed her she lacked certain necassary qualities, like the ability to behave herself and left it at that.
No matter how Tonks was outside of her studies she was very good in them, scoring high enough in her OWLS and NEWTS, well enough to become an auror.
Tonks was a notorious beater on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team almost as notorious for her clumsiness.
Tonks' social life in school is never mentioned in clear detail, but judging from Molly weasley's eagerness to reacquant her son Bill with Tonks show's that the two knew eachother, more as likely from School. They possibly even dated back then. However, Tonks always seemed to be either studying to fulfill her dream career as an auror or causing havoc, exploring and finding things out on her own, flying solo rather than 'in' with the crowd.

Facts About Tonks:
Insanely clumsy, dropping plates, tripping over umbrella stands, falling into people etc
Tonks is a metamorphmagus meaning she can change her appearance at will, her metamorphing powers seem to be driven by her rather intense emotions.
She took part in three years of Auror training under the tutilage of Auror Alastor Moody, the two creating an almost Fatherly/Daughter like bond.
She was placed with Auror Kingsliegh shacklebolt, who acts as her boss, once she had completed her training.
Tonks is descendant from the house of Black, her mother being Andromeda Black Tonks, sister to deranged deatheater Bellatrix lestrange and loyal narcissist Narcissa Malfoy.Tonks is the second cousin to Sirius Black and the two had a very close relationship before Sirius was convicted on a false charge. Twelve years later they resume their plight of havoc from within the order. Sirius' death was a heavy blow and Tonks blamed herself til the end.
Tonks knew all of Sirius' friends, James, lily, peter and Remus. It's suspected that she would have almost immediatly recognise Remus once the two were reconciled at the order, firstly for his unique kindness and gentility but also his marauder wit.
She's also a fan of the wizarding band, 'The weird sisters'.

Tonks' Personality:
Tonks is a fiercely determined, intelligent, strong, loyal and caring young woman.
On the outside people see her as Bubbly and boisterous, too clumsy for her own good and tends to act before thinking, speaking without thought. She's a carefree spirit, always up for a laugh, happy to make anyone feel better and always willing to be the shoulder to cry on. Hesitant to ask for anything, espescially help, probably due to her intense auror training.
Tonks is most likely to give plenty willingly but when the time arrises for the good old, giving and recieving, she'll be right there to claim what's hers. she knows what she wants and rarely stray's of task.

The side of Tonks people dont see is that she is a very emotional character, very easily angered, headstrong and prone to depression. Tonks voices her opinions freely and wont hesitate to fire questions, accusations and assumptions at people she doesn't trust, or generally annoy her. Assuming that that the auror department is a male dominated work place, Tonks would have to be very self sufficiant, independnat, tough and confident. This could explain the father relationship between herself and Mad eye, she being the only one of her kind, he saw a spark in her that others wouldn't have.

Tonks' weaknesses and Flaws:

Her downfall is that she blames herself for
everything that goes wrong in her life, Tonks doesn't let go of the
past and holds overwhelming grudges. She'd rush into any fight with the
firm belief she'll come out with the better hand.
This could be percieved as arrogance and cockiness. A small heritance from her mothers side of the family.

Physical Appearance:
Tonks can change her appearance at will, however her appearance is usually governed by her mood. her hair will change colour to Red if she's exceptionally angry and Mousy brown when in love and suffering from rejection (Not naming any names.....Remus.)

JK described Tonks' prefered appearance and mostly natural one as sporting violet hair which she turns to bubblegum pink and sticks to for the remainder of the books. Her eyes a dark and twinkling, framed by a pale heart shaped face and the coloured hair of her choosing.
Tonks wears a black jacket, denim skirt, beaded choker and other assorted garments, torn in fashionable places. She has ripped tights and pierced ears.
Another favourite coat of Tonks' is a crimson trench coat, reaching the floor, espescially when she wears her hair in a sholder lengh, shocking white.

Tonks died in 1998, May 2nd, aged 25. Killed by her Aunt Bellatrix.
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Christabelle Whittle
Christabelle Whittle

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PostSubject: Re: Nymphadora Andromeda Tonks   Tue Nov 25, 2008 4:44 pm

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Nymphadora Andromeda Tonks
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