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 List of all HP Spells

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Pandora Gryffindor
Pandora Gryffindor

Number of posts : 540
Age : 34
Year : Graduated
Registration date : 2008-10-25

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My Other Half: Hunter Niall
Animagus: Black Panther

List of all HP Spells Empty
PostSubject: List of all HP Spells   List of all HP Spells Icon_minitimeMon Nov 10, 2008 10:04 pm

These are not just dueling spells but all the spells that are listed in the Mugglenet Encyclopedia. So there are no more confusion I put up all the spells.

Accio~summoning charm, used to make objects fly straight to the caster

Aguamenti~causes a jet of water to come from the end of the caster's wand, the speed of the jet is controllable

Alohomora~this spell is used to open a locked door or window, while it will not unlock all magically sealed doors, it works well against "colloportus"

Anapneo~ clears the airways of the person whom the spell is cast upon, allowing them to breathe properly

Anti-Cheating Spell~ a spell that teachers at Hogwarts use on quills or exams to prevent cheating

Anti-Disapparation Jinx~ when cast on a person, it prevents from Disapparating

Anti-Intruder Jinx~ repels intruders

Aparecium~ the spell is used to reveal invisible ink

Apparate~ this spell allows the caster to appear instantly in a given place, it is used in conjunction with Disapparate, the caster must Disapparate from one location in order to Apparate in another

Avada Kedavra~ the killing curse, it requires a strong bit of magic behind it; the incantation alone is not enough for the spell to work. When cast effectively, it kills instantaneously, producing a blinding flash of green light but leaving no mark on the victim's body. There is no way to block or counter the killing curse~ one of the three Unforgivable Curses~can be blocked by a solid object such as a statue

Avis~conjures a flock of birds

Babbling Curse~ causes the victim to babble nonsense

Banishing Charm~ causes an object to fly away from the caster

Bat-Bogey Hex~ causes bogies to grow, become bat like and attack the victim

Bubblehead Charm~ used to create a bubble of air around the caster's head, often used to allow the caster to breathe underwater

Cheering Charm~ make people happy

Colloportus~this spell is used to magically seal doors, but is not particularly effective, it can easily be countered with Alohomora

Colour-Change Charm~ causes an object to change color, this spell also works on organic matter

Concealment Charm~ used to conceal something that it can't be seen

Confundus Charm~ used to confuse an object or person to make them believe what the caster wants them to believe

Conjunctivitis Curse~ spells causes inflammation of the conjunctiva, the curse is aimed at the eyes of the victim and causes the eyelids to crust together so that the victim can't see, causes pain as well as loss of sight

Crucio~the Cruciatus Curse, this inflicts severe physical pain upon whoever it is cast upon. To effectively use this curse, the caster must have the genuine desire to cause pain~has the ability to drive victims insane~another Unforgivable Curse

Cushioning Charm~creates an invisible cushioned area, it is primarily used in broomstick manufacturing to make the brooms more comfortable to sit on

Deletrius~ used to erase spell images conjured by Priori Incantem

Densaugeo~ enlarges the teeth of the victim

Diffindo~ a spell that tips an object in half or causes things to separate

Disapparate~ allows caster to disappear instantly from any given place with a soft popping or a loud cracking noise, used in conjunction with Apparate~ the caster must Disapparate from one location before he or she can Apparate to another

Disillusion~spell used to hide something, typically used to hide magical objects and occurrences from muggles

Drought Charm~dries up a limited amount of water

Engorgio~ causes the target to enlarge

Enlargement Charm~similar to engorgio, causes an object to swell in size

Ennervate~ revives someone that has had Stupefy case on them

Episkey~ a healing spell

Evanesco~this spell is used to make an object disappear

Expecto Patronum~ used to ward off both dementors and Lethifolds and probably works against other creatures as well~ to conjure a patronus the spell caster must speak the incantation while concentrating hard on an extremely happy thought or memory~ when cast successfully, the caster's wand emits a Patronus, a stream of silvery vapor that takes on the shape of an animal~ the Patronus is the embodiment of the caster's happy memories and acts as a shield, protecting the with or wizard

Expelliarmus~spell used to disarm an opponent~ causes the victim's wand to fly out of his or her hand, when used by many people on a single target in tandem, the spell is powerful enough to knock the target off his or her feet

Extinguishing Spell~ puts out fires

Featherweight Charm~ charm used to make something lightweight so that it can be carried more easily

Ferula~conjures a splint and bandages

Fidelius Charm~ complex charm that allows someone or something to be hidden away, often times in plain sight, for an indefinite period of time, the location of the hidden people or items is a secret known only to one person, the Secret-Keeper, and the information is stored within their very soul. The Secret-Keeper is the only one with the power to divulge the secret. The information remains undisclosed until said time when the Secret-Keeper decides to reveal is, not even those who have been told the secret information can reveal what they know. The Secret-Keeper doesn't have to directly speak with someone to tell him or her the secret, the information can be disclosed in a letter as long as the Secret-Keeper is the one who wrote it

Finite~removes spell effects

Finite Incantatem~ removed the effects of any spells currently cast

Flagrate~ makes the caster able to draw lines of fire with their wand

Flame Freezing Charm~ charm used by Medieval witches to removed the effects of the fire when they were burned at the stake, it is a good idea at this point to scream a bit and pretend to be burning

Flying Charm~ allows objects to be maneuvered by the user and turns them into genuinely controllable flying items~ cast on broomsticks

Furnunculus~ makes the victim's body break out in boils

Gripping Charm~ allows a person to grip an object more effectively

Growth Charm~ causes target to increase in size

Hair Loss Curse~ causes victim to lose their hair

Hives Hex~ causes the victims face to erupt in hives

Homorphus Charm~ spell used to force a werewolf to revert to human form

Horcrux Creation Spell~after committing the act of murder, the Horcrux Creation Spell is used to encase the torn portion of the killer's soul into an ovject or creature. This is exceptionally advanced and evil magic

Hot Air Charm~ causes hot air to stream out of the end of the caster's wand~ a complicated wand movement is required to cast this spell but no incantation

Hover Charm~makes an item hover in the air

Immobulus~ stops an object from moving~ freezing charm

Impedimenta~ used to stop of slow down a person or creatur

Imperio~ The Imperius Curse, this is used to control the actions of another person, leaving that person at the mercy of the caster. The experience of being user the curse is described as a fantastic sense of release, until the victim starts to fight back. The curse can be fought and its hold broken, but many witches and wizards are unable to do so. One of the three Unforgivable Curses.

Imperturbable Charm~ creates a barrier which sounds, objects and people can't cross

Impervius~ makes an object resistant to water

Incarcerous~summons roped which then bind the victim

Incendio~creates fire

Intruder Charm~ wizarding equivalent of a burglar alarm. It makes an audible signal when the area covered by the charm is entered by somebody or something

Jelly-Legs Jinx~ makes victim's legs shake uncontrollably

Langlock~ glues the victim's tongue to the top of their mouth

Legilimens~ explores another's mind and sees the memories stored there. A skilled Legilimans can target the memories that are most hurtful, causing the most pain or fear and use that knowledge to manipulate the person whose mind they have entered. Occlumency is the defense of the mind against such an attack.

Levicorpus~dangles the victim by their ankle in mid-air~ looks as though an invisible hook is holding the person up

Liberacorpus~ the counter spell to Levicorpus that makes them crash to the floor

Locomotor~ causes an object to travel floating in the air

Locomotor Mortis~ leg locker curse, causes the victim's legs to lock together

Lumos~ produces light from the end of the caster's wand

Memory Creation Charm~ creates false memories in the victim, an exceptionally complex piece of magic and so rare that the authorities don't even consider that it might have been done when they obtain confessions from criminals

Morsmordre~ produces the Dark Mark

Muffliato~ fills the ears of anyone near the spell caster with an unidentifiable buzzing

Muggle-Repelling Charm~ used to keep muggles away from things that wizards would prefer them not to see, no harm is done to the muggles

Nox~ extinguishes the light that "lumos" creates

Obliteration Charm~ to wipe out, leaving no trace

Obliviate~ the Memory Charm~ this spell erases sections of the memory of the victim as chose by the spell caster, it can wipe out the entire memory if the caster so chooses, the memory charm deprives victims of essential knowledge, giving them amnesia like symptoms that may be incurable

Occlumency~ the defense of the mind against external attack, only way to protect one's mind from someone using Legilimency

Orchideous~ creates flowers from the caster's wand

Oppugno~ causes something to attack a target chosen by the spell caster

Permanent Sticking~ charm used to attach one thing to another, permanently

Petrificus Totalus~ renders the victim temporarily unable to move

Placement Charm~ used to remotely position an object, allows for accurate positioning of the target object

Point Me~ four- point spell, causes the caster's wand to acts as a compass, by holding the wand in open palm and saying "point me", the wand automatically points North

Portus~ spell turns an object into a Portkey

Prior Incantato~ reverse spell effect, this spell causes a wand to create an echo or ghostly image of the last spells performed in reverse chronological order

Protean Charm~ a spell which links the appearance of several items, when one item is changes, the others change in the same way

Protego~ the Shield Charm creates a magical shield to deflect minor to moderate spells and jinxes cast by others

Quietus~ spell negates the effects of the Sonorus Spell, making a magically magnified voice return to its normal state

Reducio~ causes an object to shrink, negates the effects of the Engorgio Spell

Reducto~ this spell is used to blast solid objects into pieces, does not work on anything that isn't solid

Refilling Charm~ causes a container to refill with whatever liquid it was originally holding

Relashio~ creates heat from the end of the wand, normally sparks burst from the wand tip as a result of this spell, but if the wand is underwater, the spell produces jets of boiling water instead

Reparo~ mends the target object

Repelling Spell~ repels an object

Revelaspell~ used to identify the ingredients of a potion

Rictusempra~ tickling charm, causes uncontrollable laughter in the victim

Riddikulus~ causes a Boggart to take on a humorous appearance of the spell caster's choosing

Scourgify~ cleans an item

Sectumsempra~ causes deep wounds to be immediately cut into the victim, as though they were being slashed with an invisible sword

Serpensortia~ creates a snake from the caster's wand

Shock Spell~ a medicinal spell which treats the patient for shock

Silencio~ this charm forces any person, creature or object it is cast upon to fall silent, unable to make any audible noise

Sonorus~ projects the voice of the spell caster, making it very loud

Specialis Revelio~ causes an item to reveal anything that has been hidden by magical means

Stealth Sensoring Spell~ this spell detects illicit behavior and alerts the caster

Stinging Hex~ produces a painful red welt on the victim's body

Stretching Jinx~ causees something to stretch

Stupefy~ spell produces a bolt of red light and stuns whoever it is cast upon, knocking the victim unconscious

Tarantallegra~ causes the victim's legs to dance uncontrollably

Tergeo~ spell restricted to cleaning liquids

Toenail Growth~ charm causes the victim's toenails to grow alarmingly fast

Transforming Spells~ this spell is used to change living creatures from one thing into another~ major branch of transfiguration

Trip Jinx~ causes the victim to trip over

Unbreakable Charm~ makes an item unbreakable

Unbreakable Vow~ this spell creates a magical treaty between two people~ the two participating parties must link their right hands in order for the spell to be cast. A third person, known as the Bonder, is also required to witness the pact and magically seat it. The tip of the Bonder's wand must be placed on the linked hands, and the terms of the treaty are made. As this is done, flame issues from the wand and winds itself around that hands of theparticipants. At this point the Unbreakable Vow is made, and if the terms of it are broken by one of the participants, they will die. It is likely that no other spell can counteract the effects of the Vow once it is made.

Wandless Magic~ traditionally, magic requires a wand to be used, although this is not always the case. There are frequent examples of wandless magic throughout the books, and so it seems reasonable to assume that whilst the wand is a useful (and often vital) channel for magical power, gifted wizard can successfully cast spells without it when necessary. The more advanced the magic, the more difficult it is to cast without a wand, however, and there have been no examples of advanced spells being cast wandlessly.

Wingardium Leviosa~ causes an object to levitate~ once levitating, the object can be manipulated in midair by the spell caster

Wound Healing Spell~ heals wounds and causes the skin to knit back together

List of all HP Spells Twins-siggy-2
A reason to live, and a reason to die for.
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Pandora Gryffindor
Pandora Gryffindor

Number of posts : 540
Age : 34
Year : Graduated
Registration date : 2008-10-25

Character sheet
Social Status: Engaged
My Other Half: Hunter Niall
Animagus: Black Panther

List of all HP Spells Empty
PostSubject: Re: List of all HP Spells   List of all HP Spells Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 10:59 am

This is the list from the Deathly Hallows with page numbers to find them..for refferences as to how they were used.

47) The Trace-Tracks underage wizardry, ends when each witch and wizard reaches 17.

(59) Confringo-Separates objects. Severing Charm (p. 342, Hermione on Nagini).

(162) Undetectable Extension Charm-Expands the area of an enclosed container. It did this for Hermione's handbag, and earlier for the ministry cars.

(165) Expulso-Banishing Charm. Expulso=drive out, banish, expel in latin.

(171) Homenum Revelio-Reveals the presence of humans.

(255) Meteolojinx Recanto-Stops magical weather. Possibly part of the Recanto series?

(263) Gemnio-Duplication charm. Apparently doesn't violate Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration.

(263) Relashio-Release Charm. Used first to release Harry from the Grindylows in the second task, then used to release Marvolo from Merope, then used to release the chains in the ministry, then finally attempted to be used on Pettigrew's hand, but failed.

(272) Salvio Hexia-Deflects Hexes/Other spells. 'Goodbye Hex' in latin.

(272) Protego Totalum-Area of Effect Shield Charm.

(272) Repello Muggletum-Muggle-Repelling Charm. Somewhat obvious Very Happy.

(273) Cave Inimicum-Enemy-Alert Charm. 'Beware the Enemy' in latin.

(273) Erecto-Construction Spell. Used to set a tent up.

(301) Obscuro-Blindfolding Spell. Obscures vision.

(422) Deprimo-Weight Spell. Hermione used it to make the floor fall, probably due to tremendous strain.

(529) Confundo-Confundus Charm. Causes people to believe what you want them to.

(537) Flagrante Charm-Burning Hex, Affects objects (In this case, Bellatrix's vault items).

(542) Defodio-Gouging Hex.

(558) Caterwauling Charm-Sound Ward Charm. It was used by DEs to detect curfew-breakers.

(601) Protego Horribilis-Protects against the aweful. '(Shield Charm/Protect) from horrible/aweful/ect.' in latin.

(602) Piertotum Locomotor-Mass-Movement Charm. 'All Appease and move' in latin.

(629) Descendo-Descending Charm-Forces objects to fall.

(643) Glisseo-Smoothing Charm. Turns uneven surfaces smooth and even.

(643-644) Duro-Durability Charm. Turned cloth to stone.

List of all HP Spells Twins-siggy-2
A reason to live, and a reason to die for.
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List of all HP Spells
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