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 Alice Cullen

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Number of posts : 3
Registration date : 2008-11-29

PostSubject: Alice Cullen   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:41 am

Name: Alice Cullen
Age: 107 [as a student 19]
Adult or Student: student/adult[poses as a student but also is married and live with Jasper Hale]
Male/Female: Female
Breed: Vampire
Parents: Carlisle and Esme Cullen
Siblings: Edward.Rosalie,Emmett.
Married or Single or Looking or Dating: Married
Spouse: Jasper Hale
Children: N/A
Grandchildren: N/A
Actor used to portray character:Ashley Greene

Character description – Alice is described as being petite and pixie-like at 4'10", with a graceful gait and hair that is short, spiky, and black
Family History –Alice Cullen (born Mary Alice Brandon) is the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme, adoptive sister of Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett, and wife of Jasper. Her special ability is to see the future, an enhanced version of her ability to have premonitions as a human. However, her ability is limited; she is only able to see the outcome of a decision once it is made. Due to this, decisions made in the spur of the moment can not be foreseen. Alice can see futures involving humans and vampires, though is unable to see the futures of werewolves or half-breeds, such as Renesmee. In Breaking Dawn, Alice theorizes that she can see vampires very clearly because she is one, can see humans somewhat less clearly because she was one, and cannot see werewolves or half-breeds because she never was one. Alice is portrayed as being bubbly and optimistic, and loves and cares for Bella like a sister.
Throughout Twilight, Alice uses her ability to see the future and help Bella when she is in danger. The two soon become friends, loving each other like sisters. In New Moon, Alice foresees Bella jumping off a cliff and assumes she is trying to commit suicide, though Bella actually was partaking in the sport of cliff diving. Rosalie, believing Bella to be dead, informs Edward. After discovering the truth, Alice accompanies Bella to Italy to stop Edward from killing himself. They are successful, but are taken to see the Volturi, who act as police of the vampire world.
Through Alice's premonitions, Aro is able to see that Bella will eventually become a vampire and invites her, Alice, and Edward to stay with them. They all refuse and return to Forks. In Eclipse, Alice, who proves to be an adept fighter, joins in the fight to destroy a group of rampaging newborn vampires, created by Victoria in an effort to take revenge on Edward. Alice acts as Bella's maid of honor at her wedding in Breaking Dawn and helps with Renesmee until leaving to search out a crossbreed after the Volturi plan to destroy Renesmee, believing her to be an immortal child. Alice is successful and the Volturi, not seeing a threat, leave.
Role Play Example – Alice was sitting in class, Math was the worst she had done it for two years now and it wasnt getting any easier. Although she found it differcult she couldnt concentrate on anything, her eyes glared through the window and then to the clock...it was going to slow. She saw Jasper taking notes next to her.She smiled softly then looked back out the window.She saw Bella walking to the maths block not looking herself, Alice wanted to go see her, just to make sure but knew it would never work...she would get caught, so she stayed looking at the clock then back to Jasper.
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Alice Cullen
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