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 Esme Cullen

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Esme Cullen

Number of posts : 1
Registration date : 2008-11-30

PostSubject: Esme Cullen   Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:27 am

Name: Esme Cullen.
Age: 113 ( physically 26 )
Adult or Student: Adult.
Male/Female: Female
Breed: Vampire
Married or Single or Looking or Dating: Married
Spouse: Carlisle Cullen
Children: Edward, Roaslie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice.
Grandchildren: Renesmee Cullen
Actor used to portray character: Elizabeth Reaser

Character description – Esme is described as being 5'6 with caramel colored hair. She also has gold/black eyes, pale skin that sparkles in the sunlight, and purple circles under her eyes like the rest of the Cullens. However, these fade when she is well-fed. She has a heart-shaped face and her figure is described as being slender but rounded.She is described to be extremely beautiful,like the other vampires. Bella describes her as being similar to "one of the ingenues of the silent movie era".She is also described to be having delicate eyebrows.

Family History – At the age of 22, Esme married Charles Evenson in attempt to please her parents, though her husband turned out to be an abusive man. She ran away after discovering she was pregnant, though in 1921, her baby died shortly she gave birth to him. This led to Esme thinking she had no reason to live, and through herself off a cliff. Presumed dead, she was put in the morgue, but her heart was still beating. Dr. Cullen was working in the area at the time and recognized her as the happy, beautiful young girl he treated ten years earlier. Carlisle did not want Esme to suffer any longer so he decided to change her into a vampire as she was dying anyway.
Carlisle Cullen changing Esme Cullen into a vampireEsme then married Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and she joined the Cullen's coven in 1921. She welcomed Bella as a part of their "family" because of her warm nature, and has always treated the rest of the Cullens like this, too. She has a special spot in her heart for Edward because he was the first of her adoptive children..
Role Play Example – Esme pulled up in the driveway of the Cullen House after a day of shopping with Rosalie and Alice. Leaving them to shop themselves, she came home. Opening the door, she elegantly as ever glided into the room, saying in a normal voice. "I'm back, anyone home?" Moving her caramel coloured hair away from her golden eyes, she came to the conclusion no one was home, and so walked into the living room. Taking a a seat on one of the armchairs, she flicked through a property magazine until Carlisle and the kids got home, in hope there was some new house for her to refurbish.
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Pandora Gryffindor
Pandora Gryffindor

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My Other Half: Hunter Niall
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PostSubject: Re: Esme Cullen   Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:47 am



A reason to live, and a reason to die for.
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Esme Cullen
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