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 Ravyn Abigale

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Ravyn Abigale
Ravyn Abigale

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PostSubject: Ravyn Abigale   Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:52 pm

Name: Ravyn Abigale

Age: 18

Adult or Student: Adult

Male/Female: Female

Breed: Vampire

Parents: Gregory Lloyd

Siblings: None

Married or Single or Looking or Dating: Single




Actor used to portray character: Megan Fox

Character description – Brown hair, blue eyes, very beautiful

Family History – Ravyn is a half blood, her mom was a muggle and her dad was a wizard. When her mom found out that Ravyn's dad and Ravyn herself had powers, she left them. Ravyn's dad raised her by himself. Ravyn was turned into a vampire the year before her fourth year. Now she craves the blood of humans every now and again, but she feeds off what ever animal is near.

Role Play Example –

Ravyn walked into her room and sat on her bed.
She was hungry, not the type of hungry that food would cure, and this
time, not even an animal would work. She couldn't help but crave the
blood of a human. She hated being a vampire, she hated the fact that
once she revealed it, people stayed clear of her.

~Flash Back~

She could remember the day that she was bitten like it was yesterday.
She was in the forbidden forest at Hogwarts. She was sneaking around
like she normally did. She heard rustling and then a branch break.
"Wh...Who's there?" She whispered, but no one answered, so she
continued to walk on, then she heard it again, She was getting scared
now but didn't want to show it, she thought it was her friends, "Come
on guys, stop it. It's working, you're scaring me! please come out."
she whispered. Then everything went black.

She woke up in the hospital wing, not knowing how she got there. Ravyn
tried to get up, but her head felt like a weight that was holding her
down. "She's awake! She's Awake!" She heard some one speak.

"What happened?" Ravyn asked groggily?

Dumbledore came walking up, "How are you feeling Miss. Abigale?"

"Tired, and sore." she said turning her head in the direction of the headmaster.

"That is to be expected." he said sitting down, "Miss. Abigale, may I ask why you were in the forbidden forest?"

Ravyn looked away, "I was just there." she said looking at the wall.
Feeling a sharp pain go through her neck, she closed her eyes as they
watered, "What happened to me?" she asked again.

"Miss.Abigale, you were bitten by a vampire,"

her eyes were still closed, "Then that means I will become one, right?"

"Correct." he said.

~End Flashback~

A slight knock on her door brought her back to reality, "Come in." she spoke as she got up and walked over to her window.

Her dad walked in, "Are you okay Ray?" he asked walking over to her.

Ravyn Smiled weakly, "Same as always." he was with her every step of the way.

Her dad kissed her on the forehead and then walked out, closing the
door behind him. Ravyn watched him walk out and then looked out the
window. She watched a little kid riding his bike up and down the
street. She licked her lips and watched him. Controlling her urge.

Last edited by Ravyn Abigale on Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:00 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Professor R.J.Lupin
Professor R.J.Lupin

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PostSubject: Re: Ravyn Abigale   Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:59 pm


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Ravyn Abigale
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