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 Ronald Bilius Weasley

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Ronald Bilius Weasley

Ronald Bilius Weasley

Number of posts : 15
Age : 38
Registration date : 2008-12-07

Character sheet
Social Status: Single
My Other Half: Hermione Granger (Later)
Animagus: No

PostSubject: Ronald Bilius Weasley   Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:24 am

Full Name: Ronald Bilius Weasley.
Nick Names: Wheezy (Dobby), Won-Won (Lavender Brown).
Birthdate: 1 March 1980.
Ancestry: Pure-blood.
Location of Childhood Home: 'The Burrow,' near Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon.
Siblings: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, and Ginny.
Spouse: Hermione Granger. Given the ages of their children, the marriage took place at some point between 1998 and 2005.
Children: Rose and Hugo, and godfather to Harry's son James Sirius Potter (Later).
Pet: Initially Scabbers the rat (until 1994), then Pigwidgeon ('Pig'), a small gray owl.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor.
Awards, etc: Special Award for Services to the School; Prefect.
Quidditch: Gryffindor Quidditch keeper.
Other Affiliations: Dumbledore's Army, Gryffindor Quidditch Team.
Earned 7 OWLs: Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts , Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration. Unlike Harry, Ron received no Os (Outstanding). Failed Divination and History of Magic.
Career: Ron got his wish to be an Auror when he was recruited by Minister Shacklebolt to work with Harry to reform the Ministry and seek out the remaining Death Eaters. He also helped George run Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. The timing on this is uncertain; it is most probable that Ron assisted George later in life, rather than earlier, when his job as an Auror would have kept him extremely busy.
Patronus: A Jack Russell terrier.
Boggart: A spider.
Handwriting: "untidy scrawl.
Hopes (Mirror of Erised): Ron sees himself as Head Boy, holding up the house cup and the Quidditch cup. He is Quidditch captain too.

Appearance: Ron inherited the typical Weasley family traits: fiery red hair and a freckled complexion. He has blue eyes, a long nose, and is described as being very tall and lanky, with big hands and big feet. In this way, his stature is similar to those of his older brothers' Bill and Percy, rather than the stockier Charlie, George and Fred.

Personality: J.K. Rowling has described Ron as funny, but emotionally immature and insensitive. He has a sardonic, wisecracking sense of humour that often brought his friends laughter and relaxation. However, as Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood have pointed out, his humour can occasionally be hurtful, even unintentionally. Hermione was frequently frustrated with Ron's immaturity, once commenting that he had the "emotional range of a teaspoon". During his time searching for Voldemort's Horcruxes with Harry and Hermione, Ron matured greatly, and even took to leading the trio when Harry temporarily fell into a depressive mood.

Ron's character is also marked by moodiness and insecurity. He can be argumentative, a trait particularly displayed in his bickering with Hermione. He also has a fierce temper, which is especially prone to provocation if his loved ones are insulted. Ron frequently demonstrated great bravery in attempting to protect those he loves, from facing his arachnophobia to stand by Harry in his second year to trying to take Hermione's place when Bellatrix Lestrange isolated her for interrogation with the Cruciatus Curse.

As a boy, Ron was very sensitive about his family's poverty, and sometimes embarrassed by them. Many, if not all, of Ron's possessions were hand-me-downs, including his robes, school books, wand, and even a pet rat whom he called Scabbers. His family's lack of finances often made Ron a target for taunting by Draco Malfoy, a spoiled, arrogant Slytherin. Ron was also prone to insecurity about his abilities, when compared to his older siblings and to his famous best friend. Although passionate about Quidditch, especially the Chudley Cannons, and a fine flyer, Ron had a problem with nerves, and sometimes his playing ability suffered for it. Salazar Slytherin's Locket revealed that Ron's deepest fears were that his mother loved him least and that Hermione preferred Harry to him. He also suffers from arachnophobia, a fear originating from his brother Fred transfiguring his teddybear into a spider when Ron was a child.

Ron is particularly fond of food. He has a tendency to eat with his mouth full, often to Hermione's annoyance, and a great fondness for bacon sandwiches, though he dislikes Corned beef sandwiches as mentioned in his first year.


- Wand: Ron initially used his brother Charlie's old, chippped wand, made of ash with a unicorn hair sticking out of the end. He held the wand together with Spellotape after nearly breaking it in half at the start of his second year, but it malfunctioned dreadfully after this, backfiring spells, making strange noises, and emitting objects out from the wrong end. It eventually exploded. Before his third year, he received a new wand, fourteen inches, willow and unicorn hair. This wand seemed to suit him better. Ron used this wand until it was taken by the Greyback and the snatchers . He never got that one back. Eventually he won Pettigrew's: Chestnut and Dragon Heartstring, 9.25 inches, Brittle. Ron also took a blackthorn wand from one of the first set of Snatchers and gave it to Harry.

- Other Devices: Wizard chess set, flying Ford Anglia, "heavy gold watch with odd symbols around the edge and tiny moving stars instead of hands," a gift from his parents, Deluminator from Dumbledore, Sword of Gryffindor.

- Broomstick: An old Shooting Star until late 1995 , then a Cleansweep 11 in 1995 as a reward for making Prefect.

Ron has a great talent for Wizard's Chess, indicating his tactical ability and skill with thinking outside of the box. He was also able to keep a level head in highly stressful situations, and was more pragmatic than either of his best friends. Ron's talent in battle was not shown until 1997, though it is notable that he survived both the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and the Battle of the Astronomy Tower before this. He fought well in the Battle over Little Whinging, stunning a Death Eater while flying. He also disarmed Bellatrix Lestrange and saved Hermione during the Battle of Malfoy Manor, and took down Fenrir Greyback with Neville Longbottom during the Battle of Hogwarts. Ron also could produce a full Patronus by his fifth year, which takes the shape of a Jack Russell Terrier. Ron tends to be wrong when he is serious, right when he is joking.
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Hunter Niall
Hunter Niall

Number of posts : 382
Age : 31
Year : Graduated
Registration date : 2008-11-08

Character sheet
Social Status: Engaged
My Other Half: Pandora Gryffindor
Animagus: Owl

PostSubject: Re: Ronald Bilius Weasley   Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:02 pm



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Ronald Bilius Weasley
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