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 Textbook: Advanced Astronomy (Modules 14-21) - Part 1

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Aurora Merrythought

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PostSubject: Textbook: Advanced Astronomy (Modules 14-21) - Part 1   Thu Dec 11, 2008 11:57 am

'Advanced Astronomy'
Author: Professor Avon

Table of Contents

.:. Chapter One: The Aurora Borealis
.:. Chapter Two: Black Holes
.:. Chapter Three: Worm Holes
.:. Chapter Four: White Holes
.:. Chapter Five: Lunar Eclipses
.:. Chapter Six: Solar Eclipses
.:. Chapter Seven: Equinox and Solstices

Chapter One: The Aurora Borealis

Image: http://www.borealis2000.com/homepix/...
Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qIXs6S...

Aurora Borealis, also known as The Northern Lights, have always been
thought of as a work of science by muggles around the world. In many
muggle textbooks this “event” is actually described as particles, given
off by the sun, that travel out into space at extremely fast speeds.
When a stream of these particles, called a Plasma, come from the sun it
creates something called a solar wind. This solar wind then hits the
earth’s magnetic field, where it becomes trapped and starts to glow.
These are the bands of light that you see. People have recorded seeing
an assortment of colours consisting of red, green, blue, and violet.

However, all of this information is wrong. Wizards are the ones who are
responsible for this display of light. And it has nothing to do with
science. Rather it has everything to do with a case of firewhiskey and
no self control. Muggles just have that rather annoying habit of trying
to scientifically explain all phenomenons. For centuries wizards have
gotten together and created these illusions for their own enjoyment of
muggle confusion. It has now become a tradition that wizard communities
are upholding by going out to secret locations and performing the
“aurora” spell during certain times of the year.

This “aurora” spell is very top secret. Only the leaders of these
designated wizarding communities are granted access to its incantation.
One must first be apart of the community for at least twenty-five years
before they are even considered for the position. Then all applicants
must submit themselves to a rigorous schedule of truth-detecting tests
and other such examinations. One community has even reported performing
Legilimency on their applicants. It is definitely not for the faint of
heart or mind.

So the next time you’re in the extreme areas of the Northern and
Southern Hemispheres and you see the wonderful displays of
“showing-off” of wizards talents. Just remember that you have good ole
firewhiskey to thank for the beautiful sights you are experiencing.

Chapter Two: Black Holes

Image: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/photos/un...

Black holes have been studied for centuries by both Wizards and
Muggles. And, as usual, both of come up with two different definitions
for the term. While the wizarding version is the most correct of the
two, the muggle version is quite interesting. We do not like to
discriminate between the two worlds (because we share the same
universe!) so we will be discussing the muggle version as well as the
wizarding version in the next few paragraphs.

John Archibald Wheeler was the first muggle scientist to truly take
enough interest in black hole’s and make it his life’s work. In fact,
he was the one that named it “black hole”! But little did Dr. Wheeler
know that his partner in this study was actually a wizard and was
relaying all the information back to our very own ministry! Yes, Dr.
Luther, a wizarding astronomer, was sent by our ministry to keep tabs
on Dr. Wheeler for one very good reason. And that reason involves what
“black holes” truly are.

You see, muggles have always believed that black holes are regions in
space that have so much mass concentrated in it that nothing is able to
escape its gravitational pull, including light. Though that sounds all
nice and scientific, it is in fact, false to some extent. But first
lets give the muggles some credit where credit is due.

Yes a black hole has so much mass concentrated in one spot that nothing
can escape but where did that mass come from? muggle astronomers will
say that it is most likely from a collapsed star, a star that can’t
keep up with its own gravitational pull and therefore collapses. But
this is where muggles stop being right.

Black holes are actually leftover magic. All the magic in the world has
to travel to some place. The magic that comes from spells has to leave
a little bit in the world when cast. All of this extra magic migrates
towards itself and gathers in one spot. A black hole. That is why the
muggles are correct in saying that a large amount of mass is
concentrated here. It is because all the leftover magic in the world is
concentrated in these spots.

Now that you know the definition, lets get back to Dr. Luther and Dr.
Wheeler. As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Luther was sent to watch over Dr.
Wheeler’s studies because the ministry wasn’t going to risk allowing
Dr. Wheeler to know the true contents of real black holes. It would be
a bit hard to explain where all this concentrated magic came from,
wouldn’t it? But Dr. Luther was able to conceal the true contents of
the black hole and Dr. Wheeler was still able to publish his studies
and all was still right with world.

Chapter 3: Wormholes

Image: http://online.redwoods.cc.ca.us/inst...

Apparition in space. Sounds like an interesting idea, doesn’t it? Too
bad it isn’t possible. But there is an alternative. Scientists have
started questioning the presence of Wormholes in the Universe. These
Wormholes are passage ways that connect two points in the universe and
are thought to even connect two universes together. The only problem is
this is all theoretical.

You see long before Muggle Scientists were able to even dream about the
possibility of moving instantly in space, Wizarding Scientists were
already attempting it…sort of. The wizarding world already had the
knowledge of how and the possibility of where it would lead you to, but
they lacked the information on how to locate a “wormhole.”

Believe it or not, it is quite difficult to locate an invisible tube in
the middle of space. But scientists haven’t given up hope. They
recently sent up a charmed broomstick up into space with a tracking
device attached so that they may locate it via muggle satellites. The
good news is they’ve lost it!!! This can only mean one thing, that the
broomstick was sucked into a wormhole.

We do not have much more information than this. We know that muggles
don’t know much about them, but what do they know much about anyway? We
know that the wormholes exist because our scientists have lost their
broomstick in one. Maybe. And we know that it is only a matter of time
before that broomstick reappears with our tracking device fully

There is one downside to all this however. You may ask, “But what
downside could there possibly be to instant space travel?” Well young
inquisitive mind, let me tell you! Wormholes are considered highly
unstable. Some even believe that they could collapse at any time (which
would not be good should you be traveling at the time) while others
believe that their ending locations change constantly. Another problem
should you need to arrive at a specific destination.

So to end this chapter; a word of caution if you please. Do not go
looking for Wormholes. Do you not attempt to use them for any means
necessary. Stick to broomsticks or apparition. Besides who do you know
in other universes anyway?

Chapter 4: White Holes

So you did it. You went looking for a Worm Hole that was mentioned in
the previous chapter. Regardless of the warnings we gave you, you went
ahead and did it. Now the first question you should be asking is “What
happens now?”. Well pull out your quill and start taking notes and
let’s see if we can’t get you back in one piece…well at least two

We’ve already told you that Worm Holes take you to different locations
in the universe and possibly even different universes themselves. But
what you don’t know is that worm holes actually connect black holes and
white holes together. If you recall, black holes have so much
gravitational pull that nothing can escape them and everything in the
vicinity gets absorbed into it. As white is black’s opposite then it
follows that white holes are the exact opposite of black holes; they
expel contents from the worms holes.

The biggest problem that this brings on is that there hasn’t been any
evidence of white holes. They are assumed. We know that black holes
exist therefore we have to assume white holes exist because for every
action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Now lets recap your rule-breaking, idiotic journey thus far. You went
to space and found a black hole. After being sucked into its
gravitational pull you were then expelled through the white hole. This
whole thing is called the worm hall. Do you follow so far?

Since you’ve already been sucked into the worm hole and have now been
expelled through a white hole into another portion of the universe, you
only have one option. To ignore our rules one last time. Your mission,
should you choose to accept it, is to find another black hole and go
through the entire process again until you reach your original starting
point. You regret your decision to take that wormhole now, don’t you?
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Textbook: Advanced Astronomy (Modules 14-21) - Part 1
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