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 Ronald DeCaste

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Ronald DeCaste

Ronald DeCaste

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PostSubject: Ronald DeCaste   Ronald DeCaste Icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 10:20 pm

Name: Ronald DeCaste
Age: 14

Adult or Student: Student

Male/Female: Male

Breed: Half-Blood

Parents: Gail DeCaste, Father is deceased.

Siblings: 2 sisters

Married or Single or Looking or Dating: Single

Spouse: No

Children: None

Grandchildren: None

Actor used to portray character: Cary Elwes: Wesley, in the 'Princess Bride'

Character description – Trusts People, friendly, can be really serious. Ronald's father died when he was 4 years old. He has been raised by his mother and grandmother. He has two younger sisters who show no magical abilities. In fact, Ronald has only started discovering his abilities since his fourteenth birthday.

Ronald did not handle his father's death well and did not truly believe he was dead. He would leave the house to go looking for his father who he believed was alive and must have some form of amnesia. At night he would have nightmares and awake screaming, seeing shapes of creatures, usually large spiders, in the shadows of the room.

This behavior drove his mother to distractions, and under the advice of the family physician, Ronald was given small pink tranquilizers to keep him calm and compliant. Being drugged most of his childhood, Ronald does not remember much, except in certain random moments, when he can remember certain details vividly. The memories are there, he just has to have the right trigger to remember them.

The tranquilizers were discontinued on his thirteenth birthday and Ronald has slowly shaken off their influences, seeming to 'come awake' from a long bad dream.

He is tanned from being outdoors as he loves nature and gardening. He loves the peace and calm that comes over him while walking through wooded areas or forests. He does not like crowds, preferring to be by himself, but when he makes a friend, he is very loyal and trusting.

Family History – Father: John DeCaste, (deceased), Mother: Gail Decaste, (carries the witches line, but is in denial), Grandmother: Teckla (Tess) D'anels, born in Finland, secretly taught Ronald much of what little he knows about magic as his mother did not approve, Sister: Kathrine Decaste, Sister: Theresa DeCaste Both siblings do not show any signs of magical inheritance and tell on Ronald if they catch him even thinking about spells, or potions. Fortunately, they each are busy with their own group of friends and have not much time to bother Ronald, except for the occasional girlfriend they try to match him up with.

Ronald has brown hair, with blond fringes and in summer the sun bleaches it even lighter. He has hazel eyes and full lips. He is also going through a growing spurt and is tall for his age. He is considered to be handsome, too cute to be handsome and too handsome to be cute. Either way, Ronald is so into his own world, that he seldom notices any looks his way and he is too shy to approach anyone he thinks is attractive. He is becoming more self- assured and confident now that he is off the tranquilizers and maturing.

Ronald is considered naive and innocent, but in reality, he is an observer and knows a lot more than people give him credit for. Any he calls friend, knows he is very intelligent and intuitive. Ronald has read extensively on everything and has somehow actually helped solve many problems, which when asked, "how did you know that?", he would reply, "I read about it in a book."

Role Play Example – Ronald could not believe that he was actually going to be staying in a Castle. It was just so surreal. Things like this were only in his dreams or in his books. There was even a lake and it was surrounded by a forest.

Ronald loved trees, and was not very pleased when the announcement was made that the it was a Forbidden Forest and was inhabited by magical creatures that Ronald had only read about and been told were myths. Especially, by his two sisters, who disapproved of anything magical and set out to knock down any and all his dreams that magic did exist.

He was envisioning his next visit home and all the surprises he was going to inflict upon them, when another announcement broke through his reverie stating that they were not allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts.

Unbelievable. He was just beginning to think that he did not want to hear any more announcements, when suddenly he noticed that there was a current of excitement running through the room. It was time for the Hat Sorting.

Ronald had been listening to conversations between older students telling their younger siblings what to expect. Ronald could feel a constriction in his throat, and he started to shiver in anticipation. He had learned that there were four houses and what each stood for and for some reason he felt a sense of belonging when he thought of the Hufflepuff House.

What he couldn't get a feeling for was the color yellow. Ronald did not think that he looked good in yellow, but then, he would just have to get used to it, if, he was sorted into Hufflepuff. He sat waiting for his name to be called.
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Ronald DeCaste
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